NICK OMANA has been making his living doing voice overs for over 30 years in Los Angeles. Nick’s talents have been heard on spots for Clorox, Dole, Excedrin, GMC Trucks, L.L. Bean, National Association of Realtors, Epson, Oregon State Lottery, Verizon Wireless and has done countless TV promos for CBS, FOX Cable Net. and the WB. He’s also voiced countless animated characters for Disney, Hanna-Barbera, Electronic Arts, & Blizzard Entertainment, to mention a few. Nick brings all of his practical experience “ working in the trenches” to the various voice over workshops that he teaches. Some of Nick’s students have gone on to be the voice of Ford, Dr. Pepper, Petco, Chili’s and many others. Who knows…you might be next

To book a private or group session, contact him at:

Nick Omana in Studio